Ludum Dare 44


@Ben_James sounds really great!

I’m creating on the go, still don’t know how to design it :smiley: for now I have an idea that you only move by releasing your body parts, but you are an undescribed form of life consisting of elements moving in an ethereal space beyond times :smiley: those elements will interact with other “bodies” in the space, but the cost is simply high



Progress so far :smiley:



I don’t think I’ll participate, but I keep thinking about the theme:

“Your life is currency”

To me that means that some people have partitioned every second of your day to day life and use it to buy stuff. If you stay at home all day doing nothing (= “have no life”), some people’s savings will be worth nothing. If you party all the day, I guess that leads to inflation? Or you just make a bunch of “investors” happy?

No idea how this could be used to build any sort of gameplay, but I wanted to throw it out here in case it helps someone.

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Just a random idea - Your life is “currency”, i.e. you survive as long as you hv the in-game currency. Can be used in a 2d battle type game where a businessman tries to protect his money from invaders as long as he his money doesn’t reach zero, and then he(or she) commits suicide :money_mouth_face: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :money_mouth_face:



Hmm… I decided to try to make something after all. I’m going in a different direction than I laid out in my previous post, though:



Oh boy have I struggled…

I started with a plan to make a game similar to Dungeonkeeper where the treasure horde literally was your life. You would use the treasure to spawn creatures to defend or to mine for more gold. Heroes would try to raid for your gold and when it was down to zero it was game over… overly ambitious as well…

Next idea was for a card battler in a sci-fi setting. I abandoned that idea as well.

Now my final idea is a chess/archon like game. It’s not going to be a compo submission for sure, but maybe I have time to finish it for the jam.

I hope the rest of you are more successful!



Same here! Am about half a day behind after a lot of faffing about yesterday. Still, the core mechanic is finally working and I can focus more on content now for the remaining time. There should, at least, be something playable to submit tomorrow night.



Surprisingly, I am brimming with ideas this time. So much so, that I was confused which one to make. But finally, I put a hard foot down on one, and began working on the business brawler mentioned above.
Day 1 Progress :
Got everything set up, now have player movement, attacks, enemy movement, attacks and health. Overall, I’m satisfied with today’s hard work. :face_with_thermometer: Just hope to finish it tomorrow.



Hmm… managed to put together a barebones playable version, but it still needs a lot of work, some sounds, polish, compelling gameplay, main menu… Details like that. Unfortunately I’m gonna be at work all of tomorrow, so I don’t think I’ll make the deadline, but it’s been a good exercise. At least I finally know how collision objects work.



Strange game
The idea was to make game about ent that grows wood, then sell it. So his wood is his currency.
But i have no idea about mechanic.
So i made simple game about ent merchant that sell ‘magic’ grass.



…aaaaaand done!

This is​ Kat’s Flowery Fever Dream​ .

You are a beautiful flower, high in demand…

You need coins for water, so you grow little offshoots. Cut these small flowers off yourself to sell for coins on the market.



This is so challenging :smiley: On PC is so stressful when the water drains so fast and you have a lot of stems to take care off :stuck_out_tongue: I think a mobile version would be so engaging!

My best so far:



Really cool and challenging (Got 12 stems :))



so I’ll try to assemble as many people from Defold team as possible and record us playing your games on Thursday or next week.

Please don’t forget to post links to your games here, ideally HTML5 versions.



Ok, I finished designing game mechanics. Now it’s about a time to create some levels and explanations on what the heck is going on in here :smiley:



Where’s the list of games to vote for? :hugs:



Couldn’t make it :sob:



The code’s here, if you need it.



My one.

It was really bad idea to choose such a genre… it was impossible to make it fully finished and i left it as is. If a will have time, i’ll make a postLD version.



Hey !! I just made it!!.
My first ever jam entry : Mr. Money
A2d brawler type game where a businessman tries to protect his money from invaders as long as he his health doesn’t reach zero, and then he(or she) commits suicide