Ludum Dare 39 and #CoronaDefoldJam this weekend


Great work everyone! I have spent the morning playing the games, and I’m happy and impressed by the community! Oh, and make sure to post your playables to the Games section as well :raised_hands:


I will rework all graphics and some gameplay at least at “breakfast run” game :slight_smile:


whats your project?




4 days to vote!

Interestingly, Corona games have 2-6 votes despite having a huge community and deep history. While Defold games have 12-14 votes. I guess HTML5 makes voting frictionless.

Also I am quite disappointed in community that itch was able to bring us. Next jam (and yes, we’re already plotting a new one) gonna be hosted at our forum/community pages.


I’ve done my duty now and voted for all browser games. Well done everyone!


Yes, HTML makes gamejams voting a breeze.


Voted on all the browser games now as well! :+1:


I’ve voted all games at the first sunday. Games with just apk or apple got a bad vote. IMO HMTL and/or win is a must. Just releasing a version with only APK or MAC is a no-go.

I a little nervous how it will run until the end of the voting :star_struck:


Last day of voting… Results will be tomorrow :cold_sweat:


nervous :slight_smile:



Place: Overall: 18 :frowning:



The top 6 games are all Defold made it looks like!

@stephenkalisch out of 52 entries is still good!

I have to admit I didn’t vote on the games which didn’t have HTML5 builds either. Looking at the results there are several which look cool but only have android builds, didn’t get many votes.


I agree. Well done.

Me neither. At least with Defold it is super easy to share an HTML5 version.


jam games and jam communities overall are special. To get noticed and played, the game has to be bite-sized, instantly fun, instantly accessible and have click-bate (or at least just nice) cover image.

And that html5 feature just adds on to the “instant” thing. Which makes sense, given the limited time a casual player is ready to dedicate to jam games, and 52 games to play, in our case.

Also we’re publishing the nominations soon. So it is more than just people from top3 who get something.


Thanks guys :slight_smile:

But there were just 42 entries :wink:
And just 14 voted for my game OMG

My goal - of cause - was to be one of the winners :slight_smile: … to get the spine licence :wink:

Anyway: Congratiulations to all who joined!


congratulations :slight_smile: