Ludum Dare 36 Compo


This time it’s happening!

I’ve decided to participate in the Ludum Dare 36 Compo. For those who aint familiar with it, it’s a gamejam that is run over 48 hours where you try to create a game all by yourself with no external assets.
I just have used being a 41 yo familyfather as an excuse to not do this but hey… it’s time for some sleepless nights :slight_smile:

If there are anymore people out there who will participate and use Defold as their gameengine it would be nice to somewhat hear from you and see the progress.

I will also try to stream my experience over these 48 hours (with some sleep and pauses in between) so please join me if interested to see me fiddling with art, sfx, music and of course Defold.

You can watch me jamming at:

Actually I will stream my preparations at these sites as well when I get the time, starting tonight. (Yes I know you are not allowed to start any content creation yet. I will just familiarise myself with the tools I’m choosing for this jam.)



Using Defold for Game Jam, Ludum Dare and similar

will be watching! >w<
i might actually try as well…(maybe)…
i might die of exhaustion though XD
*i am doing a hackathon on august 27th…soooo yeah XD COFFEE AND COKE ALL DAH WAYYY! :smiley:
Good luck for you andreas ^^ and have fun! i will be keeping an eye on your work!!!



I will try to join again. I participated in LD 35 but didn’t use my own art. If I do join I’ll try to do my own graphics and create some beeps and stuff for sfx.



Great to hear @KitStainedHeart and @britzl.
Seems like we can be a few that is using Defold this time on LD.

I have also transferred to and will probably drop as it really is the one causing problems when streaming to several services via split signal (due to very restricted stream settings).

So I will probably use Twitch and Beam for this one instead. Also found all my online tools for art, music and fx so I’m all prepared and excited :slight_smile:

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Can you share what the tools are you’ll be using?

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engine: Defold
art: Photoshop CC 2015, Spine and maybe some external tool to create some fx.
sfx: as3sfxr and sfMaker
music: SoundBox



do you not use anything different (editor) for shader code? o-o
what about versioning? GIT?
do you use any libraries for lua commonly? :smiley:

apart from wht you said i use the sublime text 2 for shaders and jsons, SAI/Krita for concept art and Piskel for pixel art and Git for versioning :smiley:



Well, yes Git is given (as it is integrated with Defold). Shaders, if any, will be written directly in Defold and I guess maybe a math lib will be the only thing I will need for this game.
Depending on game maybe Tiled as a level editor.

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So, in the middle of Ludum Dare and things are going quite good.
Art is my hardest part and I’m kinda struggling but hey, I think it will turn out quite good.
So I’m livestreaming as much as possible when I’m not sleeping and I’m mostly chatting where the people are: at

Hope someone else is joining and working on a great game!



My first draft!

So here is my game so far in a html-version. Still plenty of time to go but I think I got the game mechanic well figured out and that one will probably not change that much.

Please, give feedback :slight_smile: (thanks pkeod for the game name Xolotl!)

Xolotl - Ludum Dare 36 draft



Cool! I like the mechanic!

I decided quite late to actually try and make something for this jam despite the fact that I did not like the “Ancient technology” theme at all… I recently came across Spaceplan which is a nice casual webgame where you need to upgrade different components of your space probe to increase its energy gain and in the end be able to create a black hole of the sun and reverse time to get back to earth. At first I thought of doing something similar to the very casual style of that game, but changed my mind halfway through. Now I have a “game” with this weird looking cube that you can interact with to generate gold, although while doing so monsters will spawn. The idea was to use different kinds of ancient/old tech (wind, water, steam etc) to power the cube and have it generate even more gold, but I never got that far…

In any-case, my entry is uploaded here:



Hey! I love both of you’re game. And I spent a lot of time on Xolotl. It’s really fun to play. Also when you hit the DOWN KEY very very fast your character grows and disappear :joy: . I also liked this hidden weapon … the Z KEY to create little tiles.

I’ve been making a game for this jam using defold. It’s called the Log driver, and the main goal is to get every log downstream using the current of the river.

here is the link to my game :



Nice! Congrats on completing your game!

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Really nice games both of you. Excellent art on both :slight_smile: !

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Are you done with your game Andreas?



Hi, yes I forgot to tell but yes.
I would recommend downloading any of the links at that has “POST” in its name as it has some simplifying tweaks in them that makes some levels easier (also one added level).
The web version is the old “Compo” one.

Everything went fine in this jam I would say. Didn’t really get stuck on anything but found a few bugs that I think is engine related and will take with the team.
Art and building interesting level puzzle was probably the most time consuming part.

Happy gaming! :slight_smile:

ps: All source code can be downloaded, freely used, distributed and changed at



Heh. This time i was able to work on only for 10 hours because of family problems.
But defold rulezzz!!! :slight_smile:
6 hrs - drawing
4 hrs - coding
Stuck with some problems around spawning enemies. :frowning: so … Compo version of a game has no end.



Found a funny bug if you tap down arrow fast continuously.



Nice entry! I really like the game mechanics.

I hacked up a little jam piece of my own for LD#36. First game I’ve made using Defold and it was a true blast to code :slight_smile: