LuaSocket - The missing files


As you all probably know Defold comes with the socket core from LuaSocket bundled with the engine. This is excellent since it allows us to create TCP and UDP sockets without too much trouble. We also provide the socket.lua module in builtins/scripts for an even easier way of creating IPv6 and IPv4 connections, but what we do not provide is the rest of the *.lua files of the LuaSocket project. The Defold engine is also missing the mime core C part of the LuaSocket project. To remedy these things I’ve decided to wrap up the missing files and the mime core as an extension in the Asset Portal. Enjoy!

PS Note that this extension is of very little use to most users, but for those who wish to do advanced socket stuff or those who build extensions that requires the mime core of LuaSocket (I’m looking at you GameSparks!) it’s probably very useful.

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Brilliant and oh so cute! Thanks!


When i added this deps my console logs was stopped. How to fix that ?
(mime catch my debug logs…)


Strange. Do you see any errors in the console?


ye, when i’m did fetch lib i saw thisimage

But problem with debug logs was fixes when i del my AppManifest file in native_extension section in the game.project ^^


If your app manifest excludes the “engine” lib and includes the “engine_release” lib, then you are bundling a release build which in turn disables the debugging functionalities such as logging and profiling.


After that exception all bets are of and you need to restart the editor. We recently merged a fix so hopefully it shouldn’t happen again :slight_smile: