Lowrez Invaders

I had an ambitious plan to actually make something for the Lowrezjam but as always time was not on my side…

I did however create a small Space Invaders game within the 64x64 pixel restrictions of the Lowrezjam. I published the code on GitHub if anyone wants to take a look and perhaps find some inspiration. Some noteworthy things:


Awesome! Very clever code!

This makes me want to make a small low res pet trainer game like used to be popular.

Seeing the invaders.atlas reaffirms my belief that the reason the pixel fonts don’t look right in the editor is because of the editor creating smaller versions of textures for optimizations?


It is better if you ask your questions here. This way others will benefit as well.

hey thanks for getting back to me, so i figured it out but i do have a new query how do i get the closest enemy to shoot at the player?

In the original project I shared above an alien from the row closest to the player will shoot at the player. But there are many ways in which to solve this. If you know which enemies are in the front row (closest to the player) you can pick one at random and have it shoot. Or you can search through the entire list of enemies to find an alien in the front row. It really depends on what your code looks like!