Low rez story game


Hey Everyone!

So, it’s finally time for me to create something real with Defold. I’ve been playing around and learning Defold for a while and think I’m at a good place to start creating a real game now.

This game isn’t something I’ve been think about for that long, but when it came to my mind I really thought I found something I wanted to create.
The things that have been around for a while in my head though is having very tight restrictions for the visuals, namely working with very low resolution graphics, trying to get the most out of every pixel. Which is why I completely love the lowrez jam that takes place every year and other various twitter people that post these beautiful low rez mockups.
I also wanted to keep the stories and interactions very basic, and just try to make something simple beautiful and intriguing.

The game
So, the game is very basic in its setting. You play as a teenager who is in love with this girl at school. Everything is grey and dull (literary) but when he’s close to her everything is colourful(literary) and he’s feeling happy. He also occasionally have to fight his inner demons (literary) in the grey world.

I haven’t settled yet on a screen ration yet though, I would like to use 64x64 but I think it’s just a little bit too small, so I’m thinking about 128x128 or something.

As for the graphics I tried many different color pallets and finally settled on one specific palette. But just for kicks I want to ask the community which one you like the most before I reveal which one I went with. Just to see what you guys think.

So, here’s the different palettes, applied to the protagonists house: (the grey one in the right corner is set for before he meets the girl he loves, when everything is grey and dull)

And the main protagonist:

I will try to keep this post updated as I go along. I have never done a game diary before, so I hope I can keep posting and keep it up throughout the whole journey of making this game and learning Defold :slight_smile: