Lots of nice sprite graphics effects in Graveyard Keeper explained



Really nice, thanks!!!


Those solutions are allowing to perform amazing effects :smiley: Although, creating effects like that in Defold since to be out of my range as now :frowning: there are simple solutions for 2D lights “overlay” on the rendered level of course, though I think we really lack easy lights support - normal maps for sprites and 3D objects, both reactive to an easy, drag-and-drop, dynamic 2D/3D light object component. Of course, I believe someone at some time will create such effects! :wink:


You can do sprite based normal maps with tilemaps and then offseting the position (easy if you put norm on top half of the tile texture and normal map on bottom half). You just can’t rotate the sprites with the lights behaving properly because we don’t have access to something needed if I remember right. Made a test with this a while ago and it did work but not perfectly.


And what about tilting grass? Do we have a possibility to tilt a sprite?


Maybe I’m wrong, but what about tilting the quad in the vertex shader? You could move / sway the vertex positions based on the distance from a specific pivot point that could be the base of the sprite. You’d need to pass in the position as a specific uniform (or use something existing like sprite tint so that you can set it directly per game object).


This is exactly what Graveyard Keeper does (using the vertex shader) so yes it is possible to do that exactly like in the video. In fact all of these things are possible and frankly quite “easy” to achieve if you know a little bit about shader programming (yes I would do all the coloring in the fragmentshader as well)


If there is anyone capable of performing such tilt, can you please share some example project to analyze? :blush: