Looking to collaborate on some projects

I’m new to Defold yet seem to be picking it up well from tutorials online. I’ve played around in a lot of frameworks and engines and found that I really like Lua and Defold seems pretty cool.

I’m looking for anyone who wants to make a game but feels a bit like I do which is a little overwhelmed at all you have to do: graphics, sound, AI, level creation, game design, programming…even smaller projects can be quite time consuming for someone with a full time job like myself.

What I’m wanting is someone to split the effort with; take turns creating levels, each draw graphics, each work on different AI players (like for example in the game I’m working on now to learn Defold, the game is set on an island with snakes and enemies of other people of different types: snipers, grunts, machine gunners, etc – it’d be nice if one person does the AI for the snakes, another the sniper, another the grunt and so on…like I said, split the load between the two (or more) of us).

If anyone is interested in working on a project through emails, chat, and Github using Defold, Krita, and Hexels 3 (super awesome animation software - not required tho), please reach out to me here.

No real experience is required other than some programming background. Even someone just to make levels with my Collections/Game Objects would be cool. :slight_smile:


I just sent you a private message :wink: