Looking for some alpha/beta testers out there :')

Hey guys!..i’m almost finish to create my first game (for Android) using the Defold engine and i’m looking for some help out there…i actually need some people who are willing to help me test my first game, especially in the IAP…
if anyone is interested you can send me a message in my email: lightspaceravage@gmail.com
or reply and leave your email here so i can add you into my list of alpha/beta testers…Thank you very much!


What of platform are you interested?


oh yeah,.it’s for Android

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Hey Jhei.

If you need help testing your game. I’m available.
I have a Huawei P8 Lite. (FYI) :stuck_out_tongue:

What is IAP ? :slight_smile:

I’m also going to test Defold software with my gf (which is Illustrator).
What’s your point of view on Defold ? (now that you have experienced it ?)

See you,
Louis :wink:


@Louis_Lcq Great!,…okay…please send me a message to my email: lightspaceravage@gmail.com and i’ll add you to my list of testers…

and yeah,…the IAP stands for “In-App-Purchase”…and that’s actually in my game’s store,…just try to buy some in-game items there…(don’t worry, it’s free of charge coz it is only a test order)

Actually, the Defold engine is very good…it is easy to use,…very light-weight engine(i actually put it on my flash drive so i can program my game anywhere that have a desktop or laptop computer)…no installation required,…just extract the engine on your computer and that’s it!..you can also save/synchronize your project into their master server…(it’s very useful for me coz i experienced that my local project was became corrupted,…so i decided to removed it and downloaded the latest project from the server…it’s really helpful!)
It had also a lot of documentations…one language to use and master (Lua),…but you can bundle your game into 6 different major platforms and that’s what they called it cross platforming…if there’s a
rating scale for it,…i actually rate it: 4.5/5 that’s how it is good for me.


Hey @Jhei_Krauzer,

I’ve sent you an email to lightspaceravage@gmail.com :slight_smile:
I’ve tried your game.
That’s pretty nice !
Although, i get stuck at level 5 Haha. No way to succeed it x)

I was about to try the IAP, but you set a price (0.88GBP) as far as i could see.
So i’d rather not try it :stuck_out_tongue:
Instead, if you could provide a ‘code coupon’ for the tester. It acts the same as the other payment and it will allow the testers to confirm that your IAP system is correctly handled :wink:

Otherwise, nothing else to say. :slight_smile: No bug. No freeze.
Pretty fun :slight_smile: