Looking for Defold developers, server developers and graphics artists

We are working on a more extensive online/multiplayer game platform for the iOS and Android systems.
We are therefor looking for people within the following fields:

  • Defold programming, menu setups, game setups, IAP setup and similar.
  • Server side programming, as the game is meant to be multiplayer, where people can play against each other in real time. (This also includes connecting the server side programming with the actual game)
  • Graphics artists for everything in the game.
  • Social media integration in terms of making the game “shareable” on social media platforms. This is mainly as part of a marketing idea and would be more detailed later.

The project is currently still under design and won’t go into development just yet, but we would like to find the people available for this beforehand. So if you are able to do one of the top mentioned things and you are a freelancer, please do let us know by sending an email to iburecruit@outlook.com with your details, what your specialty is and potentially a portfolio of work.

Thank you for reading, have a great day!


Who are you? Do you have a company? Did you publish games before? Do you have budget?
Why would I want to send my details to an “outlook” account?
Why would anyone take this serious!