Looking for a developer: Server using HTTP POST and GET


Short introduction: In my real-life job I am an English teacher living and working in Spain. I’m self employed and since the pandemic, 100% of my classes have been online. Earlier this year, I was asked to develop contents for 3 online courses by a very large private language academy. It was a huge amount of work, but it went quite well, and it nicely filled the summer months when I didn’t have any classes. The only problem was that the front end was absolutely shocking. It was painfully bad. It made me really unhappy. We got a huge amount of complaints about how badly it worked.

That same academy has now asked me to develop several more courses, and they’ve told me they are looking for another CMS provider. And that’s where you guys come in!!

I have enough Defold experience to make a small HTML5 app in an iframe and display it on a wordpress site. With the richtext plug-in, I can make it work well.

But what I need is a server.

  1. Send strings from a HTML5 Defold app using POST.
  2. Allow me to see those strings (ideally with email)
  3. Store userdata (non sensitive, i.e. unique IDs and grades) which can be retrieved using GET.

(Password protection will be taken care of elsewhere)

Please respond here or email me 88.josh@gmail.com if you believe you can help. Paid work.

Kindest regards


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The messages would be:

Register: Adds new user to database
Log in: Checks user exists in database
Delete user: Removes user from database & all data
Answer Question: Server stores a question ID, the number of attempts, and a score. Returns a score (numerical) and a number of attempts.
Calculate grade (course): Returns a grade for the whole course.
Calculate grade (unit): Returns a grade for one unit.
Calculate grade (exercise): Returns a grade for one exercise.
Forward: Forwards a string to a place where it can be accessed by an administrator.