Local multiplayer example


Hi :defold:,
some time ago I wanted to understand how I could possibly program a local multiplayer for a game. I wanted to learn everything from binoculars, so I decided to use only the Lua socket library. To represent the functions, I decided to program a simple chat between two computers. I used the UDP protocol and programmed the broadcasting, so the peers will automatically establish a connection.
I think it can help a lot for anyone who would like to learn how everything works. So here it is.

p2p.zip (6.9 MB)

p2p - Windows example.zip (9.4 MB)

And here video for visualization:



Hi @Karel thanks for sharing, interesting to check :slight_smile:

just a little note: these days, if you want to share something in the public, it’s better to upload it to the github (for example) instead of attaching archives as zip.



Thank you very much for the type, here it is. :grinning: