Local Defold communities around the world?


The Defold forum and Slack is where a lot of the English speaking part of the Defold community goes for help, discussions and feedback on Defold and Defold related projects. The community is great and we’re really proud of the level of professionalism and willingness to help that we see every day here. Thank you!

The question is where non English speaking users go to discuss Defold and ask questions? There is for instance the Telegram and VK communities for Russian speaking Defold users:

What other forums and chats are available if you’re not comfortable with English? Please share links to local communities where Defold is discussed!


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Our Discord server has both English and other language users. Currently English is most used but there are channels for other native languages as well https://discord.gg/cHBde7J



I would love to get more links to the Spanish speaking community! But at the moment, I am trying to cut Facebook out of my life, which makes things complicated