Loading resources is slow if engine is restarted via Editor (#4116)


If I press Cmd+B while the game is already running, it takes forever to restart and any subsequent collection load also takes a long time. If I close the engine, then Cmd+B it’s fine.

After some digging I found that loading resources via the network is unjustifiably slow (60MB/s in Interrogation and 10MB/s for the attached repro case) and CPU-bottlenecked (dmengine uses 100% CPU).

Here’s a simple repro case project that tries to load a large (128MB) file. Compare the first run to the second run (engine restart).

NetworkLoadingRepro.zip (266.8 KB)

Conversation on Slack started here: https://defold.slack.com/archives/C110FQT2Q/p1559059166081100



Thank you for the report. Created a new ticket (#4116) and added it to our next sprint for further investigation.