Live update doesn't work when reopening the game

I’m have an issue with the live update. I already implemented this for a previous game over two years ago and it worked great. But not now.
The game is HTML5 - it uses resources for locations. After clearing the cache, the first load works perfectly - only the necessary resources are loaded, and there are no errors.

However, when I try to load it again, errors occur during the game initialization

and then errors also occur after the resource loading.

liveupdate.store_resource(manifest, response.response, message.resource_hash, resource_store_response)

When I first open the game, I load only 1 location out of 10. After opening it, it feels like the game thinks that all locations have been loaded and then reports that it can’t find them.

If the game loads all locations at once, such a problem does not arise, but the reason to use live update is lost for us :frowning:

Thanks for any help!

mode = Zip
zip-filepath =
publickey = /manifest.public.der
privatekey = /manifest.private.der
supported-versions = 

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Hi @Alexandr_Chizhevskiy !

It’s unfortunate that this seems not to be working.
I must have done something when refactoring recently.

I need to spend some time to figure out why it didn’t work out-of-the-box for you.

However, we also want to move away from the “store_resource()” api, and instead promote downloading / mounting .zip files. We consider that old api to be deprecated.

It’s less code to maintain from the user’s perspective (and a lot less in the engine). Eventually, we’ll want to remove the old api. But, we have some features we need to implement first before we feel comfortable in doing that.

If you have a small repro example I can test with, I’d be very grateful, as it will same us a lot of time.