Live sound manipulation (SOLVED)


I searched the forums for this request, and in surprised if hasn’t been asked for.

I haven’t yet tried manipulating sound in Defold, but I know there isn’t much we can change. Something I’d love to see adjustable would be sound panning. Eventually, I want to alter the Pan of certain sounds in my projects based on where they are on the screen. Pitch would be great to see as well, but I think Pan would be a higher priority, as it would probably have a much higher use-case.

Thanks, and let me know if I’m wrong about the sound manipulation features that are already available.



You can try OpenAL extension for Defold :wink: It seems, that it have everthing you want, but yeah, built-in functions would be great and Defold team has beared it in mind, I hope, because there were a lot of sound requests and also promises from Defold to take care of it in the nearest future :wink:



There is FMOD extension as well.



I really recommend FMOD for sound design. It’s the kind of thing that you didn’t know you needed until you actually try it and see how many cool things FMOD Studio can do.



Solved in 1.2.162