Little thing I made for a game jam!


Finding a jam with a theme I like seems to be what got me to finally finish something.
It’s nothing impressive, and all of the assets I found online, but I’m quite happy with how it turned out, and I actually enjoy playing it myself surpisingly!

Feedback much required :slight_smile:



wow, you’ve worked pretty hard on this! it is fun. I’ve been playing for a few minutes now (i wish it had better descriptions of what each potion does!)

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Some arrows showing the right way (like in Black Tiger) will make it easier :slight_smile:
Great job



What I was aiming for, is to give the potions funny/silly names and induce a “oh, I wonder what this does…” feeling in the player. But I should probably look for a middle ground, since realistically most people will not be spending more than 1-2 minutes playing the game, and I also haven’t gotten to experience not knowing what each potion does myself so it may be more annoying than I imagine :smiley: