Linux x64(elementary OS). I can't build and run project (DEF-1992)

Hello everyone! I have a little proplem.
My tutorial project(runner) is successfully building and running on html5(yandex browser and mozilla) and android.
But i can’t build and run project for linux x64. There is screenshot with some imformation from console and _crash file.

P.s. libwebkitgtk is installed.

Thanks for help.

Are you starting the editor via the shell script? @jakob.pogulis probably has a clever idea about what’s going on.

Yes. But the program started via .desktop file(Exec=/foo/foo/

Ok, hold on now. We are here to help and as you can see from the activity in other threads we are more than willing to help our users. Now, it’s been less than two days since you asked your question and @jakob.pogulis who is our go to guy when it comes everything Linux is unfortunately sick. The rest of us were away from the office yesterday and the full day today for an offsite to plan the future development of the engine and editor so we have not been able to look into this issue either. Have you read the other threads on this forum related to issues and solutions for running on Linux?

Sorry if i injure you. I just expected answers also from community but not only from developers. I hope Jakob gets better soon. And i will wait as long as needed.

No worries @sgreenyov. @jakob.pogulis should most likely be back on Monday. I hope he will be able to help you.

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This is unfortunate, I’ve had absolutely no problems running default (empty project; so just the splash screen is displayed) naively (linux x86_64 on elementary 0.4).

Its a stab in the dark, but the only thing I can think that might be causing an issue is perhaps not having a jre installed (I have the default openjdk 8 installed). But I would have thought there is a packaged jre included. (updated… and there is)

You might need to provide more information (or perhaps attempt a command line build using bob)

(PS I’ve also installed Steam which looks to have installed openal/sdl libs which look to be needed at runtime)

Hello @sgreenyov!

Thanks for providing a crashdump, it really helps tracking down the problem for us. This problem occurs because for some reason some input devices are incorrectly interpreted as gamepads on Linux. It is a known issue (DEF-1992) that was first reported in this thread, and sadly, we haven’t given it too much attention.

It’s a tricky issue since it’s very hard for us to reproduce, it depends on a combination of default drivers on Linux and specific hardware. However, looking at the source code where the engine crashes we could probably detect the problem and handle it more gracefully than a hard crash.

We’re planning our next sprint tomorrow, Monday, and I’ll make sure to bring this issue up with @saracederberg and @Ragnar_Svensson. Though I can’t promise anything, we take hard crashes very serious and since this issue is starting to block more people than we initially thought I personally think we should review it’s priority.

(On a very technical note to the rest of the team, we fail to verify the size of the buttons array before accessing it when initializing a gamepad. This causes a BAD_ACCESS when a keyboard is interpreted as a gamepad)



Hello @jakob.pogulis!
Thank you so much.
Actually it is not so important to me because my target platforms are html5 and android, but it will be cool to immediately test my project in native Linux.

Hello @sgreenyov

Could you try running jstest to see if your keyboard is detected as a gamepad or a keyboard. I understand that your keyboard is working in other applications and the idea might seem a bit silly, but it would help us diagnose the issue.

A graphical version of jstest can be found at

Thanks for answer.
I cannot compile jstest because it have trouble with gtkmm and i don’t know how to install it. I have installed libgtkmm from official site but it doesn’t make sense.