Libunwind.a was built for a newer OSX version


Hi! I’m working on a native extension. I’m having some linker errors (due to a linked library trying to use newer C++ features than what --mmacos-version-min=10.7 can provide), but I also noticed some other errors (or warnings?) that don’t seem to originate anywhere near my extension:

Are you linking against libunwind.a on macOS? It doesn’t seem to have been compiled with the proper --mmacos-version-min.


Libunwind is new and was added to better handle callstacks during app crashes. It should only be a warning though and not an error.

@sven should know more.


As @britzl mentions, the first warnings are just that, warnings. We’ll fix them for the next release, as well as making sure the Editor knows to display warning icons for them (as opposed to errors).

Your actual issue is the last printout, that it doesn’t find a struct when linking:

$ c++filt -_ __ZNSt3__115__thread_structC1Ev [edge-vertices] 15:59:17

Apparently your libdiscord_rpc.a uses this struct? I can only assume that this is a C++11 feature.
Have you specified C++11 in your flags/linkFlags?



I solved that anyway by opening the dynamic version of libdiscord-rpc with dlopen() (at least until linking against dynamic libraries ships). Anyway, it’s preferrable to use the DLL as well on Windows to avoid a dependency on VC++ 2015 redist.

P.S.: Merry Christmas! What are you doing answering me on the forum? :laughing:


Hehe, merry christmas to you too!
I was just making sure everything was working as expected ^^