Leaderboard Google Play Services


I can’t find anything about how to connect Leaderboard from Google Play Services with our game.

So my question is how we can do it? Is there something in Defold API?

Thx for help.

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There is currently no support for Google Play Game Services, but we’re working on it, and there was even a brief mention of it on Google I/O: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5HRIT6EAZY&feature=youtu.be&t=4m40s


How far along are you guys with its implementation I just started looking into adding a leader board and realized its not supported as yet.


We (as in the Defold team) has not done anything more with this. Google Play Game Services should be created as a native extension. Perhaps someone in the community is working on this?

I was working on it but ran into limitations of native extensions, for now this is not resolved yet (just checked).
I tried to use android c++ sdk, maybe this is possible with jni and java sdk. Probably I’ll try it someday, if nobody does it first :slight_smile:


@vxx1 I added those missing libs in 1.2.114

Mathias, I tried to build now, but I’m still getting:

Description	Resource	Path	Location	Type
Build server output: Error in 'GPGServices': Invalid lib - 'libs': 'z'	ext.manifest	/cosmoknight/content/gpgservices	Unknown	Problem

still no support for google play services yet? :frowning:
any information when it will be ready?

The issue blocking @vxx1 was fixed some time ago.
Hi @vxx1, have you progressed any further with this extension? Perhaps it’s fit for adding to our asset portal ?


@Mathias_Westerdahl, unfortunetely, no. My development goals changed, and I don’t work on google play intergration for now.

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Perhaps you can share what you’ve done so far and someone else can finish the job?


@britzl, I described my attempt in this topic, there is the code and manifest for plugin, but I didn’t progress any further. The problem described in that topic was solved, but there were some other issues with compilation which I can’t recall now