Lead gameplay engineer w/Defold experience

Greetings, I’m seeking a lead gameplay engineer with proven Defold experience. I am a 10yr game studio founder/designer/ceo with two major proven titles to my name, and I’m breaking ground on several new stealth projects.

The position will pay market competitive rates on hourly/daily rate basis, and remote work from anywhere is fine.

My games are all demanding 60fps minimum frame rate, very high action gameplay with strict concern for input timing windows, tight hitboxes and very polished input/output as far as controls and visual/sonic kinetics are concerned.

While it’s a bonus if you can also handle advanced graphics programming (lighting, shaders), it’s not strictly necessary for this role, as the focus is on pure gameplay.

The game will be fully developed in Defold and I will be targeting PC, iPhone/Android, and PlayStation 5.

Please feel free to reply here on this thread with any links to CV, as well as DM me here or at my X/Twitter account, which is @topscorelife.