Launching defold app from external text editor (and go back editor when app is closed)


I am using neovim as external source editor. I was tired to alt-tab to Defold and then alt-tab again to the source editor after quitting the game window.

So i’ve made this little script, for Linux/Xorg and assigned it to F5 key within neovim (for sure you can assign key with your favorite text editor).
Now i have just to press F5 from neovim and it runs the game , and then come back to neovim when the game is closed.


org=$(xdotool getactivewindow)
defold=$(xdotool search --name "Defold [12]\.")

if [ "$defold" != "" ]; then
  xdotool windowfocus "$defold"
  xdotool key F5
  xdotool windowfocus "$org"
  echo "Pas de fenêtre Defold trouvée."

Make sur xdotool command is installed (with my distribution, it’s in xdotool package)


The amount of effort programmers will put in just to be lazy. Good work tho!

I can add five pennies how it works in Defold Kit, since the topic allows. Maybe it will be as useful for someone else.




Check to see if Defold is already running:

pgrep -l Defold | awk '{ print $2 }'

Open an existing process:

osascript -e 'activate application "Defold"'

Create a new process:

open 'Applications/' 'FULL_PATH_TO_YOUR_PROJECT_FILE'


But not sure if it works everywhere though… maybe it’s no better than xdotool, I just don’t know.