LaTeX equations in documents don't render


There’re some obvious maths equations written in LaTeX in the Defold documents, but they aren’t rendering.

Example (from the manual of Camera):

Perhaps a library or something is forgotten to be put on the website?



Thanks. The site was migrated a while back to a static site generator on GitHub pages. This kind of thing was never migrated. I’ll see what I can do.



GitHub unfortunately doesn’t support rendering of LaTex equations so we’ll either have to use a third-party service such as CodeCogs to generate images of equations or replace them some other way. In the example provided here I simply replaced with π / 4. If anyone comes across more LaTex equations in the docs please let me know!



How about MathJax? It’s pretty easy to use it, you just need to import MathJax’s script (a JS file).

Check out: MathJax’s website



In addition, I believe that there’s a way for searching, to directly find out all the equations in the documents.

The form $ ... $ is for inline equations while the form \[ ... \]is for displayed equations.

Another example (from Platformer tutorial):

By the way: In an equation, it’s better to write, e.g., \text{translation} or \mathrm{translation} than simple translation. Otherwise the engine considers translation as many single variables. From the picture below one can see the difference.

Maybe even better, you could write e.g. v_0 rather than v0; and cancel the \times symbol. So the result becomes:

(I just think the details make it look more professional :D)

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Another professional LaTeX user here. I am curious…



We have tried to make the website rely as little as possible on JavaScript. Unfortunately we want Google Analytics and some Google Fonts stuff, but in general it’s something we try to avoid.

I do see the benefit here though… The alternative would be to generate the images when the site is built. Most of the work is done by GitHub Pages and Jekyll but we have a preprocessing step before handing of to Jekyll.



Got the idea. Thanks a lot!