Late 2018 feature requests


What features are you missing that other game engines have? What are your top 3 things you want to see in the future from Defold team or extension makers? Maybe your dreams can come true in 2019.



I want it all :slight_smile:

  • Programmatically generating tilemaps
  • Better build-in desktop support (screen resolutions, native cursor etc…)
  • Keyframe animation timeline for sprites with layers
  • Manual grid size and Snapping in Editor (currently not working)
  • Detail documentation for NE with lots of examples :slight_smile:
  • Better audio support
  • Build-in Slice 9 and masking for sprites
  • Simple texcoords in shaders for sprite sheets
  • More GUI elements for GOs (box please) or detachable GUI (in world space)


My vote goes to:

  • keyframe animation in the editor for properties (graph editor already there)
  • autotiling for tilemaps
  • physics


I’d like to see the editor get some TLC. I know lots of people want specific engine functionality but I use the editor every day. I run into the same issues every day where the editor won’t do something most other editors will, or something is broke or slow.

It’s these issues that hinder productivity more than any other IMO. Seeing the same problems every time I use Defold takes the polish of this amazing tool.

Some examples:

Snap to grid in editor does not work

No ability to move tabs

Normalization of color values

Ability to open internal editor for debugging when external editor defined

Poor editor performance (particles/animations/tilemaps)

Open previously open files / tabs

Global undo

Change window size should be part of the editor

Ability to copy and paste between tilemaps




nice thread!

My main feature requests are well know for the team

  • Editor extensions or at least a foundation for them
  • Much friendlier and more flexible EULA

Also, many things are coming in together finally, and I think I can finally summarise a killer-feature of Defold in 2019 - what makes it stand out from the crowd, what is easy for Defold users, yet hard for other game engines.

  • Ability to easily create additional content (including game logic) and push that to a live game across multiple platforms. And also to remove or replace the pushed content, push different content depending on the region, device kind, etc.
  • Ability to customise the engine runtime without ever touching the engine source code or managing build servers. Which allows to strip down the runtime to about 700kb (or less?) or to replace most core engine features.
  • Hot reload everything that empowers people to always develop on a target device. So all UX/UI/performance problems are easily found on the early stages, making the last mile (second 80% of game production) virtually non-existent.

Makes sense? :wink:



Interesting… Why do you want to include into engine functionality that already exists as NE?



DefOS is a great NE for sure.
For me, It is not easy to maintain lots of libraries(NE) in a project. Personally I prefer to minimize my external dependencies.



For me it would have to be better support for mobile html5.
Issues like DEF-3503 simply shouldn’t exist on such a stable engine.
A ton of simple games run perfectly on mobile html5 so better support would only work to our advantage.
You can even look into offering the mobile html5 game version as sort of a PWA



@AGulev Good question!

It’s true the Window size change is available using NE and it’s fantastic that NE’s and the community supply this functionality.

Developing for mobile I use this a lot, desktop developers might not need it at all. The default display width and height is set in game.settings but most of the people playing on mobile won’t have this device resolution.

It’s important to be able to easily switch resolutions to see how different devices look during the development process, I think this should be core functionality simply because of the amount I use it I suppose.

Currently I use a modified version of @Pkeod 's resizer script but it still means adding a folder to the project, using two native extensions and including an additional GUI in the project:




I am a big fan of modular architecture and as I can see people don’t really like how it works in Defold mostly because of UX things.
Then my top3:

  • possibility to set up a library as a dependency for another lib. Something like new dependency field in game.project [library] that automatically added as a dependency in a project that uses the lib.
  • hide dependencies in “virtual” subfolder in project
  • simple way turn-off NE or lib for some platforms.


Having a better Network support to me could be a great addition. Most modern games support co-op or multi-player mode. Defold already has nice extensions to work with Websockets, UDP, TCP, but I am talking about a bit more integration for object properties network sync for example, or built in game state synchronisation mechanic, some engine tools which can help build simple local multiplayer game a lot easier than it could be done now. Maybe KING even host a sandbox server for this aim aka GameLift with tight integration to Defold (or having an example how to work with GameLift SDK). Godot, Unity, Unreal, Lumberyard, (Game Maker Studio 2 has it in the roadmap) all have initial support for “Network Sync” functionality for components. Maybe we just need more examples how to do it with what we have, I mean a simple local multiplayer game example, especially as I know that Defold could be a server as well.



Make user friendly (from my most desired):

  • In-editor basic shader/color-grading/post-effects enabling (in Properties of a collection/go or even dynamic support)
  • In-editor sprite tinting (like DefBlend, but in Properties, or even dynamic support)
  • Undo/redo improvements (not-shared history, focus on an ongoing change)
  • All clickable links in error, warning and custom messages in Editor’s console
  • In-editor lightning support (at least 2D), maybe lights go (like Simple 2D lightning example)
  • Google Play Services
  • In-editor normal maps managing and modification
  • Particles fx dynamic modification
  • In-editor scenes managing and loading screens (what Monarch does, but improved)
  • Better camera support (like Rendercam/Orto, but improved)
  • Network and multiplayer games support
  • Some tool to create cinematic cutscenes easily, timeline tool

Improve editor performance

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Editor usability improvements:

Code Editor:

  • a rightclick context-menu (to copy, paste, search, etc) would be nice
  • snippet container / window (to store everyday commands / functions)
  • abillity to change skin / colors (individualize your prefered style)

I like the code-editor. Just some small things could improve my everyday workflow, imho.


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Ctrl+backspace in the code editor would be swell :slight_smile:

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We released an ability to move tabs today: just drag them! Check for updates! Woo! :tada:




Is this for the alpha or the stable channel?



editor-alpha, which everyone should use, but we haven’t found a time to move users from stable to it yet. Bad naming for editor channels really, “stable” is just lest frequent, and both have stable release of an engine.



Working great! :wink: Next step: allow us to move between those two tab panes (with dragging)! :wink:



Whoa :open_mouth: !! this is awesome :heart_eyes: