Last Man Standing [AI In Games Jam 2021]

Hey Everyone!

This month I decided to participate in the AI in Games Jam 2021. The theme was “break the rules”. I ended up creating a gun that can shoot through walls and will automatically target enemies within a range BUT to use it costs $100.00 (4 in game coins) to fire.

Can you use this overpowered weapon to take vengeance on those who wronged you?

The game jam ends in about 7 hours from when I post this. If you have any feedback or find any bugs I can quickly patch, please let me know!


Hey, just gave it a try! :slightly_smiling_face: (currently struggling with the 3rd boss)

A few things that could be improved:
1/ In the intro/tutorial, I didn’t understand why I couldn’t fire (it became obvious after that but not in the very few secs… tried to kill enemies and didn’t get what I was doing wrong… maybe I didn’t read the dialogs carefully enough, I don’t know)
2/ At first there were a few things I didn’t understand (collect coins to reload => “wtf” / not very intuitive + 4 coins needed to enable the gun was not super clear at first too etc.), probably something to do with that.
3/ Maybe add quick 1-2s feedback (reload bar?) when picking an ammo (to know the reload % without having to look at the bottom-right corner)
3b/ HitPoints bars may be more readable than numbers.
4/ Since I’m currently struggling with the 3rd boss (in the 6-floor tower), I would really appreciate being able to skip the dialogs
5/ You probably already know that, but the 3rd boss in question is 100 times tougher than the previous ones :crazy_face:

But overall I really enjoyed it!!

1/ The gameplay is dynamic and fun (really like the shooting mechanics with bullets bouncing on enemies etc. many situations to be imagined, that may be currently underexploited, but the potential is here)
=> I don’t know why, but somehow it reminds me of my 1st times on Max Payne :sunglasses: (not exactly the same gameplay, but the same “I’m a god” feeling + really satisfying to clean a big pack of enemies that were about to kill me)
2/ The retro “look and feel” (graphics, audio and global ambience) is really nice, and after a few minutes, I even enjoyed the dialogs :slight_smile: (well, maybe not when I read them for the 5th time)
3/ Polished and bug-free!

All in all, it would require a few adjustments to make the onboarding slightly easier but… great job, really!


Thanks for the feedback! I know the game is kinda rough around the edges at this point, feedback like this is awesome and will help me to not only fix up this project but also prepare me for other games in the future.

I’m thinking about adding an additional level to the tutorial to show how to use the gun. I did explain it in the dialogs but it can be easily missed among the lore I was trying to add.

Skipping the dialog sections is another thing I’m 100% going to add, I did that to several of the other dialogs, looking back I’m not sure why I skipped it in the boss fights.

What sort of feedback do you think would be good for the reloading? Just a bar showing how close, another percentage meter?

Something like this could be an option:


Similar to Brawl Stars (mobile game) with:

1/ hitpoint bar (but keep the textual feedback when gaining/losing hitpoints)

2/ “reload” bar (in Brawl Stars it’s a “SuperPower” gauge, but I think it suits your needs)
2 states:

  • at least 1 slot empty (= not ready to shot)
  • full (ready to shot) => in this case, the color of the whole bar can slightly change (flashier?)
  • a colored “shape” can appear under the character to make the “READY TO KILL SIR!” really obvious (but this latest feedback remains optional => to be tested?).

As you can see, it doesn’t have to be big (on this mockup the whole thing is not bigger than the current text), but I think it would make the game more readable when it really matters. Because when the action gets intense/difficult, the player tends to focus on the character (and enemies close to him), and taking a look, even quick, at the corner of the screen… is like a tiny sacrifice/effort that could cause your death :slight_smile: (or just lose hitpoints that you may regret later)

Note that you can hide these bars or display them in half opacity if nothing happens for X seconds: no damage taken, no “coin” picked etc. => in this case you should keep the information in the GUI (as a persistant recap), so the user has access to information about their character at any moment.

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