Kitty Champion


A New Journey

Our team decided to port one of our mobile game from Unity 3D to Defold. After a few days of work we are positively surprised and excited to use this engine. The way of working and performance achieved are sensational for us.

The game we are porting is dedicated to cats!

I hope you will keep track of our progress in porting this title.


Awesome—will definitely keep track! Looking forward to reading about your learnings from porting from Unity :slight_smile:


For sure, We will make a comprehensive summary after the update of the game :slight_smile:


Can’t wait to see this live!


We are landed on the moon

Since the announcement this project on Defold, it has been a week already. Are you curious to know what’s going on in our studio? Over the past week our team has rewritten more than 90% of the game. It’s pretty fast considering that I’m just learning a new engine.

By using the Defold Engine, we would like to add an extra value in the form of better physics. performance and new sounds. The best thing, we noticed about Defold is that we focus on the product rather than fixing engine performance issues. Thanks to the additional time we can focus on improving the game including: adding new crazy ideas and making some experiments :slight_smile:

In meantime, as we promised, we are working on huge article about moving from Unity to Defold. I hope this will be a good set of knowledge for everyone backed by company experience that has done over 300 titles on Unity engine for the clients.

It look like, we will bind with Defold for a longer time…

J.P. Morgan — ‘The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.’


Really glad that you found Defold a perfect fit for you guys—can’t wait to see what you cook up :). I also think the Unity to Defold guide is going to be a great asset for people who also want to make the switch. Cheers!


Entered the jam, woo!

Better late than never… We decided to take part in #CoronaDefoldJam ( Unfortunately, we are not going to implement all the functionality from Unity version, but we have still several hours to improve some things :slight_smile:

You have to check out:
(1) Take a look at our brilliant project page:

(2) Download prototype jam version in Defold:

(3) Listen music with your Cat:


Small Victory!

We are delighted to announce our small victory in #CoronaDefoldJam. From 42 submitted games, Kitty Chempion is the one :trophy:! As far as you know, its the game made for cats and not only cats love it! It was great opportunity to check ourselfs in complety diffrent environment.

Congratulations for other winners. You made incredible work as well!


Free Forever!

Welcome all Kitty Champion enthusiasts! We are excited to announce that Kitty Champion
is available free forever! Please remember to give us a 5-star rating! If you need help or want to share feedback, contact us at

Link below:
Google Play: