Kick-starting community building in Africa

Hi guys. I have teamed up with my friends at the GitLab Community Nairobi to run a series of Defold Events targetted toward building an awareness and presence in the African region for Defold Game Engine.

This event series will run online. First event details on this meetup link.


This is a great initiative! Is there some way in which the Defold Foundation can support you? We could send some Defold swag to the participants if it was an on-site event, but given the circumstances I understand that it has to be online. I can attend one of the events and participate in a Q&A or help out in some other way.


Its at the moment going to be online. Oh yes, it would be a great idea to have someone from the defold team or even prominent community members shaping the conversation in some of these events. It can be you, your collegues, or even one or 2 of your instrumental portfolio users. Let me give it more thought infact.

But ideas definately welcomed :wink: