Kanji Adventure


Get your hands dirty!

Sgt. Carrot is looking for hard-working souls to help him with this year’s harvest. Applicants for this job offer need to be reasonably proficient in the mastery of kanji. A complimentary supply of bread will be provided.

In today’s update we will be looking at the brand new practice system in Kanji Adventure, which allows the player to revise kanji characters they might have forgotten. The system ties in to the new crafting mechanic, which rewards the player with resources they can use to make consumables and equipment. When you approach one of the resource nodes scattered around the world, you will be presented with a sequence of queries that will have you matching kanji conjugations with both their kana transcription and English meaning. Designed as a relaxing alternative to the hectic battle system, the player is not limited by time, however any mistakes they make affect the quality of their harvest.

Gathered resources can be refined using the new crafting interface, accessible through crafting stations specific to the type of resource in question. These provide summary of recipes available to the player and allow them to combine items. A similar system is in works for learning new spells.

In addition to these two new mechanics, the newest build of our game sports a reworked spell casting interface (third in fact, if you are keeping count), enhancements to the user interface with more sliders, tool-tips, pop-ups and all-around JUICE than ever before.

Gameplay should feel a lot smoother than in previous versions thanks to the ability to change target during movement, better camera handling, new animations and under-the-hood performance optimizations.


Wow, the game looks really great! Impressive work @Tomires!


Amidst working on the second in-game area, we have noticed that our tutorial system was a bit long in the tooth. Here is a sneak peak of a refreshed version :slight_smile: