Just a discussion, what in your opinion maximizes the success rate of mastering a new language or engine?


I know far more people who gave up coding or writing or art or music than I know who ever did anything with it. I also know a few who speak multiple languages, are published writers, can code in a dozen languages and have respected art in the publishing world. When I speak to both types its amazing how similar both speak. They both use the same terms and even have the same expectations. Yet one type finds acceptance and success in his industry and the other is locked out. (Here in the USA you’d be surprised how many with Tech or Art degrees cannot find any work but fast food or service industry.)

No matter the medium it is hard to master a craft or an art.

But in your opinion what is it that maximizes a person’s chances of mastering the pursuit- not just technically but also industry wise? How much is the commercial success luck?



I don’t know exactly how much but there is definitely luck involved (and timing).

Other factors which I believe can have an impact:

  • Persistence - It’s highly unlikely that the first game you make is going to be a commercial hit. You need to be persistent, and keep releasing games. If you are really lucky you may stumble on that golden nugget of a game. Regardless if you find that big hit, you’ve learned a lot in the process and hopefully you can also make a living on the combined revenue of your games.
  • Passion - You can become a good enough developer and earn a living in the industry working in a game studio through a bit of determination. But to become really good I believe you also need to have a passion for coding and game development. You need to have passion for the games you make and pour a lot of love and energy into them. This will show in the games and make them stand out.
  • Analytics - I think it’s possible to some extent to take a very analytical (or algorithmic) approach to game development and focus on trends and quickly produce the kinds of games the market is looking for. Look at the extreme success some developers have had in the hyper casual genre for instance.