Joining Forces [GMTK Game Jam 2021]

Hey Everyone!

After a literal sleepless night, my team and I are proud to present our entry for the GMTK Game Jam, Joining forces:

The theme of the jam was ‘Joined Together’. My team interpreted this as being able to merge and separate various elemental themed characters. Combing these characters yields new powers that can be used for platforming, puzzle solving and exploration.


There is currently a bug in the web version that causes high end PC’s to run the game 3-4 times faster then usual. We have included a windows download version for you incase this occurs.

Hope you enjoy! Any feedback or criticism is more then welcome!


Thanks for the support everyone! Out of the 5,814 games submitted to the jam, my team was able to get into the top 300 for overall and the top 5% for fun!

Here’s the rest of the scores!


Congratulations @gameoffate2018! :smiley:

I played your game and it is awesome! A unique concept, very clever mechanics and puzzles!

And I love elements, but I’m biased here :sweat_smile: