Jack Redrum

Hi there!

In the middle of a strictly house confinement here in Italy, we have decided to show some screenshots of our work with Defold. It took 15 months but everything is still temporary, also the name of the game! :slight_smile: Probably in these though times we need some feedback from you!

The game is a puzzle-action for mobile. A first demo is almost complete, we need just to finalize some levels. Probably we will make a build of this demo for people willing to give us some more in-depth help. Also any suggestion about how to reach the market is highly appreciated. We have experience with publishers for consoles but not for mobile.

Here’s the screenshots! Please be sincere with your feedback!

Thank you very much!


Hi there! Thank you for all the :heart:

Here is the Discord server for the game: https://discord.gg/xZ5d8Kc with a gameplay video, via Twitter https://twitter.com/jack_redrum/status/1242509217866625026?s=20.

Would you like to test the game? please ask here or in the #testing channel on Discord.



Here is a “how to play video” for Jack Redrum on Twitter

Any feedback is highly appreciated! Thanks!


A new video showing a little bit more of the House of Forking Rooms


Hi there!

It’s a great honor to see Jack Redrum on the Defold Newsletter #35!

Thanks to anyone in the Defold team! When you feel something deeply, it is inevitably to say it in your own language: “Grazie a tutto il team di Defold!” :smile:



Hello! Your game looks really awesome. In a recent video clip on Twitter, I noticed the really smooth motion trails on the ghosts.

If you don’t mind, could you explain how you achieved that effect?


Hi @SkaterDad, thanks for your words!

If I understand well you mean the ghosts flying to the pipes. It’s quite simple. I have prepared a png with the image of the flying ghost with no deformation. I have a model with this texture and a mesh that is just a rectangle with two parallel sides divided in many segments (64). This model uses a material whose vertex shader deforms the model into a bezier curve. You can take a look at this post

for some details.

This is the basic idea. However to move the ghost along the Bezier curve I have a slightly modified vertex shader squeezing the texture into an arc of the curve. This arc is then moved on the curve.

If you need more info please let me know. I am happy to talk about this.



I appreciate the explanation. I have not worked with vertex shaders before, so this will be a fun idea to play around with.

New logo! and… SOUND ON for Jack Redrum!


EDIT: posted the link to the Twitter account we use for Jack