Issue with Orthographic Camera after Defold v.1.2.143


I was working on my game and all was fine and dandy. I was done working on it for the day when I noticed an editor update was available. I installed the update and re-ran the game to check out that it still works and suddenly my game is like this:

and the Orthographic Camera does not work anymore.

Any suggestions? :laughing: @britzl

Defold 1.2.143 has been released

I also checked in my develop branch and this issue happens there as well. It is not just in my current feature branch.


Are you using any native extensions? If not, you could try an older engine executable from here: to see if they resolve the issue.

I currently cannot remember any changes we’ve done lately to alter the behavior of the camera in such a way…


Can you please double check that the overrides you’ve made to camera.script properties haven’t been reset or something like that?


I did check. I messed around the parameters and it was reacting to the changes, but it still would never follow the target around.

I also tried removing the camera from the main.collection and adding it back with necessary settings and that did not work either. I had also recently been having issues with the orthographic camera not changing zoom levels even after using the example project as an example, but I am not sure if that discrepancy would be related.


Sorry about that. It was caused by the deprecation of update frequency (used to deal with fallback when applying lerp when following a target). Released a new version:


Awesome, thank you!


It’s actually not a deprecation of that setting, it’s still called display.update_frequency. Since 1.2.143 all default values in game.project are written to the config file, so getting a default setting with sys.get_config will not return nil anymore but rather their default values.


A right-o! Thanks for clarifying!