IronSource Extension for Defold

We are happy to announce the release of the IronSource Extension for Defold. The extension was created thanks to community support.

The extension has implemented the most requested functionality, including:

  • Rewarded and Interstitial ADS
  • Mediation support configurable from the game.project file
  • Functionality needed for IDFA and other privacy policies.

The full list of open issues is available here: Issues · defold/extension-ironsource · GitHub
Contributions are welcome.

Special thanks to the community members who cooperated and funded the extension development:
@aglitchman and @notbadgun (IndieSoft)


I’m really pleased that we were able to find this kind of solution to fund the development of the extension. Support for IronSource is often required by publishers and having it available in Defold is really encouraging to see! There really are very few reasons (if any) for publishers to decline publishing of Defold games now.

I would like to extend a warm thanks to these individuals and companies who not only decided to fund the development but also agreed to let the extension be made open source for anyone in the community to use. You are rockstars! :tada: :champagne: :star2:


Many thanks to the community and everyone involved in the development of this extension. You’ve done a great job! I decided to try using this extension and everything is super conveniently organized.

Unfortunately, I encountered a problem while testing. On Android everything works great, but on iOS, although initialization is successful, no ironsource.MSG_REWARDED events are received. However, if I run the test_suite, the ads load fine.

In the dashboard, I’ve checked for several times and everything is set up identical to the android on which rewarded events successfully received.

Is there anyone else using this extension? Do you receive rewarded ads or any events in MSG_REWARDED after initialization on iOS?

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I believe the extension is used in production by some teams already, or at least in pre-releases. Could you please open a ticket on GitHub?

I checked again and only two events are not posting on iOS - EVENT_AD_AVAILABLE and EVENT_AD_UNAVAILABLE

Created an issue: Rewarded ads doesn't post AD_AVAILABLE and AD_UNAVAILABLE events on IOS · Issue #21 · defold/extension-ironsource · GitHub