IronRune RPG - WIP - any help appreciated


I am trying to make a game called IronRune, it would be based on runes that would act as all sorts of things, I was first trying to get a game engine to do IronRune in, and most are 3D, in my case I only needed 2D, now I have defold but it is kind of frustrating when all the tutorials are in lua, I’m trying to do it in C++ so I am kind of stuck, as I said, any help appreciated


Don’t do it in C++ or find an engine where you write your game logic in C++. Yes you can write native code in what we call native extensions but that’s not really intended for all your game logic. You should learn Lua if you want to use Defold. It’s a powerful language very well suited for coding game logic. If you need more power you can move certain performance critical parts of your code to C/C++.


Thank you, I made a post on if c++ was supported well and it is not, i will probably use another engine for now