"Introduction to Defold" page => "simple examples" link doesn't work (Chrome)


Hi guys!
Sorry to ask for help for such a “silly” -but still annoying- issue (but this is where the contact section led me and I don’t know who I should contact for that kind of issues)

I’m new to Defold, and decided to start from the very beginning. So I read the “introduction to Defold” page.
It appears that the following link (supposed to contain “simple examples”) doesn’t work:
https://defold.com/examples/ (from here https://defold.com/manuals/introduction/)

White screen with black dots:

Not hyper important I suppose, but since I come from Love2D it would have been cool to know a bit more about Defold’s logics with very basic examples.

Just had to mention it :slight_smile: (someone may be able to help)


PS : my browser => Chrome Version 84.0.4147.135 (64 bits)



Kalispera welcome to defold maybe some link not work, but in here can find many things

thanks i hope this to help for start

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I’ll take a look at these links, thanks!! :+1:



Be well and welcome. Thanks



Oh wow, thanks. I’ll fix the link later today. Try https://defold.com/examples/animation/basic_tween/