Integrating Wwise with Defold


Hello everyone.

Has anyone here integrated Wwise or FMOD to support a dynamic audio experience with Defold? Any tips?

Thanks a bunch!


I haven’t heard of anyone integrating any of them, but we do have an OpenAL extensions created by forum user @sergey.lerg . I guess both Wwise and FMOD could be integrated using extensions as well.


Yes, OpenAL is very powerful. Special effects support in the extension will come in the future.


I’m interested in trying to integrate FMOD. Is it even possible?




Not possible. DEF-2732


Having FMOD license gives source access doesn’t it?

Edit: For 5k per game… I guess they changed licensing recently. Maybe could contact FMOD people and see if there could be a solution for using with Defold now.


It might be even possible to copy the lib under the /res directory.