"Insufficient OpenGL Support" error (SOLVED)

So, im new at this thing, i decided to studying creating games and downloaded Defold.
but this error keeps appearing , and my Scene editing seems not working too.

this is the error:

if someone know how to fix this, please help me

Hi and welcome.

First of all - did you click the link and follow the instructions?

yes, it goes to this page, it is normal? do i have to log in?

No, that doesn’t look right, looks like a 404 error.

I searched and it looks like this is the page you want: https://github.com/defold/defold/blob/dev/editor/README_TROUBLESHOOTING_GLGENBUFFERS.md

Edit: I submitted an issue for this so the link can be fixed. https://github.com/defold/defold/issues/6335


Yo thanks it actually worked!

i actually don’t know exactly what i did, cuz the tutorial was pretty confusing to me, since my english’s sucks.

but what i did was:


first click this link and press this:

it will download an exe named “java.exe”
then u will copy and paste this exe at the local below:

click to replace the archive. then click and execute the same archive, already in the Defold’s directory.

after that, i opened Defold app and it was running perfectly.

i hope that i was able to help. ^^