In-app purchasing by cryptocurrency

A simple way to enable in-app purchases using cryptocurrencies.

A video clip about this method (A little different in appearance but the same in function):

Using this program’s method, you can make in-app purchases using cryptocurrencies.

This program is written in Defold game engine and Lua programming language:

Library for copy/paste clipboard:

Library for extra native OS functions(Maximize window,…):

Users only had limited time to finish payment.

The user picks the method of pay app to show the price in that currency. Users have to send that amount of money to the address. Users have to paste [TXID] of payment in the program. The app will verify the payment with the registered price at that time.

Full description of this method:
In-app payment using cryptocurrencies

Due to various restrictive laws or sanctions, financial exchanges are not available in a free and equal way for everyone in the world; But cryptocurrencies do not have any geographical limitations, and they are not limited to anyone. App stores usually follow those rules and sanctions, and for that reason, some developers cannot sell their products.

However, those app stores also deduct a significant percentage of the sales as commissions and taxes from the income of developers! However, it is possible to make in-app purchases by using cryptocurrencies to prevent that.

In fact, with this method, the need for banks and app stores is eliminated, and as a result, no one will be under legal restrictions or sanctions, and the entire income directly will go to the developers, and they will not need to pay fees and taxes.

How the program works: The programmer puts the price of the program based on dollars in his program, and then the program shows the user the price of the program according to the price of the selected digital currency every time it is executed.

It is possible to determine the price by using one of the cryptocurrency price announcement sites by raw source code. Then, the user must deposit the desired price in that cryptocurrency to the specified account address within the time limit. Each money deposit through cryptocurrencies has a payment ID(Transaction Hash ID); The user must provide that payment ID to the app to validate it, and if it is validated, the purchase will be accepted.

Various cryptocurrency transaction tracking sites can be used to confirm the payment.

Cryptocurrencies are free for everyone to use them. Websites for announcing the price of cryptocurrencies are also free to access for everyone. Websites tracking transactions are also accessible freely. As a result, programmers don’t need middlemen paying them for these financial affairs and selling their products. There is no law or sanction against this method of earning money, and only accessing the Internet is enough.