I'm back, hopefully to stay this time

So, I’ve tinkered with Defold off and on for a few years now, my initial problem with the engine was that it was not open source, and I was afraid King would shut it down after some time. I really wanted to invest and master a tool that would last me for at least 10 years. Since then, now Defold has gone open source and has its own foundation, that is awesome news to me. The inclusion of the Nintendo Switch export is also a huge bonus as well in my opinion (since other than PC, Nintendo Switch is my main secondary gaming platform), and that was one of the first things that drew me to the idea of choosing Defold as my main tool. I also actually LIKE that Defold doesn’t try to do too much, just the core stuff that needs to be done, unlike some other bloated engines.

The biggest change however that has caused me to return, is that I’ve since moved from the USA to Finland, gotten married, and we have a baby on the way. Living in Finland, I have really been given a chance to go commercial for real and maybe actually be a successful indie dev like some of my friends. I would love to go pro with this, instead of it being a hobby. I have a lot of spare time now, so I feel like now is the best time more than any.


Welcome back! And congrats on the baby! And congrats on the opportunity to go full indie (if baby permits)!


Thanks. :smiley:


good luck with everything enigmanark!