Im a dreamer trying come true this

Hi George Mendez founder of NitroGamestudios, I´m looking a passionate team looking the joy for create unique and really personal
challenging and awesome and I have this project about to create a dark fantasy ARPG like diablo, torchlight, Victor Vran but in browser game no matter which are you
using for play the game because its browser game one standalone app. at the moment we have music, the concepts, 3D assets, so we need people like coders, and texture artist and 3D animator for join

We creating an environment for collaborative experience that express yourself without restrictions and creativity freedom for you and your ideas. If are looking a place like this thats the right place for you!!!:smiley:

For coders :sunglasses::sunglasses:
Experience on working 2.5D isometric environments
Experience on working ARPG games and very passionate for this (mandatory)
a* pathfinding or approach for movement characters
Set 3D characters and 3D key assets on 2.5D isometric environments

For texture artists :star_struck::scream::grin::weary::hot_face::heart_eyes_cat:
Experience on rpg environments/ dark fantasy elements

For 3D animators :man_dancing::running_woman::running_man::business_suit_levitating::mountain_biking_woman:
experience on fights, martial arts and weapons fights

As rev-share project only we need just 3.5 hrs daily of your time and you will be rewarded with earnings of the game when done and earning profit

join here this is only a job server for apply and if we are OK both I´ll send another invitation for the official dev server

I assume it’s not this company:

You should be careful when picking a company name to ensure that you’re not stepping on anyones toes. It’s a bad start to a company and immediately be forced to change name or worse.

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