IDE is very slow when there are many collections


I’m developing a physics game, and I make levels in Defold IDE. Each level is a collection with many pre-made game objects (obstacles, enemies, bonuses, walls). It’s a very convenient way to make levels because I can preview my levels right in the IDE and I don’t have to spend my time to make a special level editor.

How it looks:

My game will have 250+ levels. I made 60 levels, and it’s a pain to make more.

I did a project to demonstrate you the issue. For example, you can try to change something or to edit the main.script, i.e. even entering new text is lagging on my PC for 0.5-1 sec. PC has 8 core Ryzen 2700X.

Demo project: (923.6 KB)



It sound like related or even the same issue as this one:



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