I need a team


just a sprite maker and a music dev.


I think you’ll have better luck if you explain a bit more about your situation, game idea, needs etc.

For some inspiration check the threads in this forum for example:

And most importantly, how the different approaches are replied to; how they seem to work.

Remember, if you will be asking people to spend their time on your project, they need to believe in it. And to get there, they first have to hear about an idea and be sold on it.


Yeah, please share what you had in mind. Do you have a specific game idea that you’d like to see turned into a real game? Perhaps share some of the graphics you’ve made.

I could perhaps team up with you for a game jam or something if you can do some cool graphics.


I can help you create some music if you like. Send me a Pm if this is something you are interested in.