I managed to crash the engine


More details will follow as soon as I figure out what caused the crash. I did load a collection proxy with a collection with an already taken name, but that shouldn’t cause a hardcrash.

UPDATE: Seems like changing the collection name fixed both the soft crash and the hard crash.

_crash.txt (50.0 KB)

ERROR:GAMEOBJECT: The collection 'default' could not be created since there is already a socket with the same name.
INFO:CRASH: Successfully wrote Crashdump to file: /Users/da_petcu21/Library/Application Support/Defold/_crash

# 0 pc    0x6ae4b1d UIFoundation _sigtramp+29
# 1 pc      0xbe16e dmengine _ZN12dmGameObject23UnloadPropertyResourcesEPN10dmResource16SResourceFactoryER7dmArrayIPvE+14
# 2 pc      0xc50e0 dmengine _ZN12dmGameObjectL16AcquireResourcesEPKcPN10dmResource16SResourceFactoryEPNS_8RegisterEPN15dmGameObjectDDF14CollectionDescES1_PPNS_16CollectionHandleE+1840
# 3 pc      0xc4920 dmengine _ZN12dmGameObject19ResCollectionCreateERKN10dmResource20ResourceCreateParamsE+48
# 4 pc      0xce809 dmengine _ZN10dmResource3GetEPNS_16SResourceFactoryEPKcPPv+2137
# 5 pc      0xdc905 dmengine _ZN12dmGameSystem28CompCollectionProxyOnMessageERKN12dmGameObject24ComponentOnMessageParamsE+597
# 6 pc      0xb3bfc dmengine _ZN12dmGameObject24DispatchMessagesFunctionEPN9dmMessage7MessageEPv+1820
# 7 pc     0x20cf65 dmengine _ZN9dmMessage16InternalDispatchEyPFvPNS_7MessageEPvES2_b+693
# 8 pc      0xb9413 dmengine _ZN12dmGameObjectL16DispatchMessagesEPNS_10CollectionEPyj+195
# 9 pc      0xb5f4b dmengine _ZN12dmGameObject6UpdateEPNS_16CollectionHandleEPKNS_13UpdateContextE+699
#10 pc      0x6ec28 dmengine _ZN8dmEngine4StepEPNS_6EngineE+888
#11 pc     0x113c96 dmengine _ZN10dmGraphics18RunApplicationLoopEPvPFvS0_EPFiS0_E+38
#12 pc      0x6f9c1 dmengine _ZN8dmEngine6LaunchEiPPcPFvPNS_6EngineEPvES6_S4_+177
#13 pc      0x6ff6f dmengine _Z11engine_mainiPPc+143