I get a little down and self conscious when I see other's work


Sometimes it takes me hours or days to make something and then I see what others have made and I suddenly feel like why I even bother. Or see the failure rates of games etc, or my brain fogs out and I cant even understand what I wrote two days ago (thank God I have been commenting everything!) and I will sometimes kill the project or delete the asset etc. Im not trying to compete with anyone I just want to be competent.

One of the biggest hindrances I have is I do not like sharing my work- I have to actually force my self to do it because I do not like things being judged.

I have not had that happen on here, you guys have been great and its a safe place to share WIP.

Thanks for having the community.



Same thing here. But I’m working that out.
I’ve been here for a couple of years but only as a tourist hehe. The first time I heard about Defold was in one of gamefromscratch videos back in the 2018. I did the tutorials, downloaded a few samples but never actually tried to make a game. But that changed and I finished a few games and I think am prepared to make something bigger (but small still).

What I want to say is that there’s people here working with Defold since the beginning and you shouldnt feel bad about your own progress. Keep working on your fundamentals, learn “how to learn” and go forward.

And share your progress everywhere! Don’t fall for the “safe place”. Don’t be satisfied with a “good work” or “cool game”. I’ve published a few games that no one could understand how to play it because the lack of “real” feedback (players, testers…). But that’s for me.

Good luck!

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I released a “war card game” two decks and you flip a card highest card wins. Interesting that they were people who could not understand that!!

So I understand about that. Thanks for the positive words.



Hey JB,

I understand how you are feeling, it’s awesome seeing the work some others have put up and always feels underwhelming comparing to my own work. However I often find that those people are the ones who have been showing their work to groups for ages, and that’s one of the main ways they have learnt how to improve.

A quote I really like is “Embarrassment is the cost of entry, if you aren’t willing to look like a foolish beginner you will never become a graceful master” - Ed Latimore. After all, the people who we look at and think “wow, that’s awesome” tend to have failed more times than we have tried. I’m looking forward to getting to play some of your work, just remember to be persistent!




Personally I find seeing other people’s work motivating. Like the thread with the editor screenshots. So much cool stuff is being worked on! It makes me want to also show off something finished at some point in the future even more.



Thats true too- I do find other work inspiring as well. I mean if not for having played wonderful games I would not even be making my own.