I can do Russian Translation of your game


Hi everyone. I’m Alexander and Currently I’m looking for a job.
I’m not good at promoting myself and what I’m doing, but I have been translating games for two years now.
Sadly, somehow, Covid has affected people and I got nothing to do for over than a month and I don’t want to dig my talents in grave.

During those two years, I have translated games for Subsoap (Faerie Solitaire Harvest), Monstronauts (Potion Punch 2),
Zen Studios (Castlestorm 2, Operencia, Dread Nautical),
Itatake (Gumslinger, Rest in Pieces)
And many other…

So, if you want to translate your game, feel free to leave a comment here, or contact me directly. Here is my Fiverr link (which is somehow doesn’t work properly. Just search Brightsiderus in google, I’ll be there anyways.



Fiverr seems to have blocked the embed link here is another direct version


@Brightsiderus has done excellent English -> Russian translation work for us in the past. Highly recommended!