I Built A Tool To Convert Atlas Files To Various Formats

A quick background to understand why I built this tool.

I am working on a game that has atlas files that could potentially grow up to 100 images in the atlas. We all know how very easy it is to add images to an atlas.

You see, I code with Jetbrains IDE, for defold games I use Intellij. Because I love efficiency, I want code completion to work for me to save time. Remember I have a long list of images in my atlas, when I am trying to reference a particular image in my code, it was a very big pain, to have to manually check the name of the image I need in the atlas.

So I taught about creating a Lua table containing all the names of the images in the atlas, so code completion can suggest as I type. At first, I attempted to create a table manually with the list of the images, but the process was slow and was a huge pain. I asked myself, what if I added more images to the atlas, what if I need another huge atlas, am I going to have to manually add image names to the Lua table all the time?

Then I remembered that I have been a programmer for many years, and I have a superpower to make my life and that of others easier :laughing: . So I built a command line/terminal tool(I am obsessed with Linux and the terminal :slightly_smiling_face: ) that can convert atlas files to a Lua file containing a table of all the images. It also has the option to convert the atlas file to a JSON format, in case I need to use the file in another application, an API, or something like that.

The app is very easy to use, even for beginners.

Here is the app in action :

Full documentation can be found here: https://github.com/LimitlessDonald/DefoldAtlasConverter

It works fine, but there are still some improvements that need to be done on it.
As the need arises, I may be adding new formats .
If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them.
Thanks to the Defold team for this awesome engine!


Might be very useful! Thank you for sharing! :heart_eyes:
Maybe it could be even used in some Editor Script to make life more easier, what do you guys think? :smiley:


This is fantastic. Thank you.