I am now working on my next masterpiece

This is going to be amazing. And very simple to make with Makey Makey. I’ll keep you updated.


It’s called Werewolf or Mafia and comes with more rule variations that you can count :laughing:


There is a slight difference (At least between version I played, which was called either Wink Murder or Murder in the Dark, and Among Us).

In Among Us, the crew mates (i.e. non-murderers) are given a series of tasks to complete (i.e., refuel the engine, plot a course, fix cabling). If all the tasks are completed before the murderer kills everyone, they win. Or, if they kick out all the murderers. So, I will recreate the tasks. There will also be a series of alarm buttons if you discover a dead body, etc.

You’re right of course - it’s a very old game, but I think with the “tasks” system (which I am going to make look and feel VERY cool) I can make it fantastically. And hopefully “among us, but in real life” will be good for some clickbait interest, etc.

On another level - the tasks are cool as f***. They will give the game direction, instead of everybody just wondering about aimlessly. Also, there will be other potential playmodes (i.e. complete all 12 tasks before the timer runs out… potentially more suitable for children).


Yeah, the tasks system is really good. I’m quite excited to see what you come up with.

We usually play a pretty standard version of Mafia (murderer(s), detective (probes for murderer at night), angel (protects from murder), iron man (has 2 lives during the night)) with an added “suicide bomber” mechanic (bomber wins if kicked out during the day, everyone else loses) that makes the kick out decisions a lot more calculated and the gameplay more argumentative.

We also have another more complicated version called Monster mafia with different competing “murderer classes” (vampire/werewolf/zombie) with different mechanics and a resurrection mechanic to make the game playable in less players.

Luckily, the tasks don’t have to be fun or complicated. In fact, they have to be very simple from a programming point of view. So far I have:

  1. Simon says (with a numpad)
  2. Find the four colored cables, fix the cabling.
  3. Lab analysis: Get the Space Jug, fill the space tube with water (two cables will be in the tube, when the current runs through the water, the computer recognises that the task is complete)
  4. Find the 30m XLR cable, connect the satellites. Once the satellites are connected, dial the modem code (good excuse to use the dial up modem sound FX).
  5. Random oxygen depletion (an alarm sounds and one player has 30 seconds to get to the main computer to regenerate oxygen)
  6. Dual hand scan (two players must scan their hands at the same time, at opposite sides of the room)
  7. Restart Engine (I have some really nice ignition mechanisms with big keys, so one mission is to get the keys and restart the engine)
  8. Lab analysis (shine the UV light on the rock to see the UV code, enter it into the computer)
  9. Mission Control (I will make a “wall of switches” like an aeroplane cockpit, and get players to put all the switches in the right position copying from a diagram).
  10. Binary translation: Use a two-button keyboard to input a long binary code.
  11. Upload files: get the “USB stick”, copy files from one computer, run to another, paste them to the other (actually a fake USB stick that simply completes a circuit)

here’s my take on Simon Says: press the number which is flashing, but with a rotating display which forces you to remember the positions of the numbers.


Almost finished with the software now. It’s going to be very simple.

  • select what tasks should be available,
  • select if meetings can be called using “emergency meeting” buttons,
  • select if you want random alarms (which require you to carry out specific actions to stop them)
  • select if you want a timer.

Who carries out which tasks, number of players, who is the murderer, etc. Will be carried out externally. Better chance for mischief and lies that way.


And we have a name! AMONG FRIENDS

Which matches my personal goal of using technology to really, GENUINELY connect humans and not just make money.