I am looking for a Defold artist who is willing to translate this very simple Scratch project into a defold project


I started with Defold 3-4 months ago and continue to have difficulty learning the ins and outs of this game engine using the tutorials and manuals provided. Im beginning to believe that maybe it is too advanced for me. I have basic knowledge of Lua/Love and python programming and have used other similar game engines before. I dont want to give up on this one because I can see its potential.

The way I learned other programming skills was to translate my knowledge of Scratch programming (the first and easiest I mastered) to the more advanced language/engine I was learning at the time. Ive started translating this simple Scratch project to defold to help me understand messaging. I imported all of the images and organized the project similar to how it would be organized in Scratch. After a week of staring at this project Ive come to a realization that if I want to make any progress i may have to come out of my shell and ask for help.

This is me asking for help. Can someone please translate this super simple Scratch program to Defold so that I can review and learn from it. Or just help me with the next step:

              *Switch backdrops using user input

Thank you

Here’s a very quick’n’dirty version of the Scratch project:

Code: https://github.com/britzl/publicexamples/tree/master/examples/greeting_card
HTML: http://britzl.github.io/publicexamples/greeting_card/index.html

I decided to build it using a GUI scene since there was text involved. I use gui.play_flipbook() to change animation on the different nodes. The whole thing is 47 commented lines of code so it should be fairly easy to understand how it all works.


Dear britzl

You are magnificent!!

Thank you very much.


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