Another tiny game I’ve made and the second complete Defold project after Dungeon Stacker.

This time I’ve focused on:

  • Learning Defold’s GUI system.
  • Smooth animations both for game objects and gui nodes.
  • Offloading as much logic to Lua modules as I could.
  • Making sure that the game renders & scales properly when played in mobile browsers.

Specifically for this project (and as a part of module training) I’ve made and shared a Color Lib asset that allows to easily use named colors and enables specifying custom colors in HEX format instead of Vector4.

I’ve learnt quiet a bit doing this thing, and even if I don’t consider it to be an example of stellar game design I’ve enjoyed the process.

Thanks again to the wonderful community for helping me along the way. Have fun!



I found the link here! https://y444.itch.io/hyperloops

It’s fun, nice game!