Hyper Casual Yandex SDK game example

Square Fall - Hyper casual game for yandex

The game implements the following functions from the Yandex SDK:

  • Leaderboard
  • The projection is set to Fixed Fit
  • Monetization
  • Copy Protection

List of extensions used:

  • defos
  • defold-random
  • defold-sharp-sprite
  • monarch
  • defold-yagames
  • defsave

Also in the game I used custom HTML template that you can use in your games)

Please note that the game has been optimized by Basic uastc(in my.texture_profiles) and unused libraries have been cut out (in generated.appmanifest).

You can run this example here Square Fall.


This is great! Thank you for sharing!

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The custom HTML5 loader style is cool! I think it would be worth improving Defold’s buildin loader to be more modern looking too.